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We have a number of solutions available to meet your recovery needs, whether you need Detox services, In-House Residency, Outpatient clinic services, or maybe just someone to talk to. Whatever your need is, or if you are not sure what your needs may be, you will find someone to help you who has also been in your position or 'predicament', at any of the departments listed here. Don't hesitate to contact us... things can and will get better with the right help.


Yes, 'detox' doesn't sound like fun, and it frankly scares most folks. But there is nothing at all to worry about at our Detox facility-- and that's actually the best thing about it. You will have a literal "haven" from the storm for a few days, a welcome break from the turmoil, heartbreak and problems that most of us experience before we begin to think about getting help. You will find only rest, good food, clean beds and someone on duty 24/7 whose whole aim is to help you clean up your body before you begin to clean up your life. Nothing is required of you except to rest, watch a little TV when you feel like it, and have someone else who understands your addiction to chat with-- or not, as you prefer.

If you want Detox, or just want some more information about it, call (530) 246-8339 at any time of the day or night-- Sundays, holidays, all days, someone is there for you.

Residential Treatment

If you or someone in your family or a friend is suffering from alchohol or chemical dependency, you will be interested to know that help is near at hand. The Empire Recovery Center in Redding, CA. provides an alcohol and drug free atmosphere with caring personnel in attendance 24/7. We will gladly help you through your troubled times.

We accept men and women over 18 years of age regardless of sex, race, religion, ancestry or national origin. We offer programs that cover the initial intervention, through detoxification, to residential and outpatient care. A concerned and experienced staff works closely with each person, providing the attention and help that is needed and deserved. A professional, caring attitutude prevails at this Social Model facility. We are Licensed and Certified by the State of California.

For more information, please call (530) 243-7470... more information is below.

Outpatient Clinics

Our outpatient clinics are designed to cater to the needs of those persons who may not require either detoxification or residental treatment, but who may still require the help, guidance and advice of our professional staff of counselors. Outpatient is particularly helpful to those who may have to work, attend school, or for other reasons are unable to partake in a residential type of program.

For information, please call:

(530) 275-1076 ...for our Shasta Lake City office.
(530) 244-7074 ...for our Downtown Redding office.

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