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Newsletter February 2013

Current Events

We would like to announce that MRT is now available in both our Residential and Outpatient programs!

Congratulations are in order for Victoria Bearquiver for having achieved her CAS certification! In addition, Victoria has accepted a new position as Advocate!

Victoria has provided services to our Detox program for several years, and brings special experience and dedication to the residential program now.

The Empire Recovery Center has several other staff gaining the hours necessary to complete their practicum, and prepare to take the exam.

The Shasta Regional Community Foundation and the Redding Rancheria have given the Empire Recovery Center a grant to establish the Red Road to Wellbriety program at the ERC. This program closely accompanies 12 Step modalities, but has a special emphasis on the cultural aspects of Native American recovery.

The grant will be used to purchase materials, to obtain staff training, to develop an onsite meeting, and to increase access to community-based Red Road meetings. The Empire Recovery Center thanks the Redding Rancheria and Shasta Regional Community Foundation for their support and recognition of all our efforts to provide recovery opportunities.

ERC Outpatient

We have opened the Downtown Redding Outpatient office, located at 1263 California St, Redding, and it has been certified by the California Alcohol and Drug Department. Individual and group counseling is available, and the ERC utilizes a variety of funding resources.

Both the Empire's Shasta Lake City Outpatient and the Downtown Redding Outpatient programs are actively providing both individual and group counseling. MRT is available at both locations, with Tracy Campbell and Rebecca Vaisau as facilitators. Our counselors completed their training and are working with individuals specifically referred for MRT.

This unique counseling opportunity is available in residential and outpatient, providing a continuum of service to those clients needing this particular focus. Both programs are looking at expanding services to adolescents.

The Empire is able to bill private insurance, and with the affordable health care provision of parental insurance covering children up to age 26, outpatient services will be more accessible to families. ERC is developing outreach and increasing opportunity for adolescents and teens in our outpatient settings.

Congratulations are in order for Bernadette ("Bernie") Lehman for having achieved her CAS certification! Bernie provides weekend support for our residents, and regularly leads the "Living Sober" group on Saturdays. She has provided services to our Detox program for several years, and brings special experience and dedication to the residential program now.

The Empire Recovery Center has several other staff gaining the hours necessary to  take their written CAS Exam. These individuals bring unique gifts, talents, and experiences to share in our residential and outpatient programs, and we are grateful for their willingness to serve.

Special Thanks from the ERC To:

Huge smiles of thanks to the Holiday Inn for donations of food!

Sincere thanks to Paul at Red Bluff Interiors for donation of carpet for our office remodel. And once again, a big thanks to the Holiday Inn for donations of food!

A special word of thanks to Kelly and the Redding Record Searchlight!

The ERC has received a $1,000 grant from Scripps Howard Foundation, owner of the Redding Record Searchlight! This generous will be used to purchase new dining room chairs and finish obtaining more chairs for our men's and women's detox units. Kelly Tucker, from the Record Searchlight's staff and also an ERC volunteer, helped spearhead the grant, and presented the check to the ERC on November 9, 2012.

Community foundations have long supported the efforts of the Empire Recovery Center. These resources have helped the ERC through grants and contributions that have provided remodeling, painting, restoration, and upgrading of the facilities and equipment.

Thank you so much to the children and representatives of the Win River group!

They collected and donated boxes of non-perishable foods, which have really added variety and substance to our menus. And the children gave an amazing presentation that was so special. What a blessing that young people in our community came to share their gifts of generosity, time, and talents. They certainly made our holidays even more meaningful.

Our sincere thanks go to Pete Slavin for donations of our Thanksgiving and Christmas pies, to Kent's Meats and Kathy's Deli, Airport Road, for their cash donation which helped with our Holiday meal, and to Jerry and Sharon Oetzel for their donations to our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

Very special Thanks to the Wells Fargo Foundation for their contribution. Our local Wells Fargo community makes a big difference in our program and facility!

We are so grateful for the encouragement and financial contributions from the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, from the Redding Rancheria, from Catholic Healthcare West (now Dignity), the McConnell Foundation, Shasta Community Health Center, Dr. and Mrs. Brunemeier, and the City of Redding.

We would also like to thank Ed Beaulac and Mary Ann for their artistic painting of resident rooms, and Dr. and Mrs. Brunemeier again for gifts of flannel shirts, T-shirts, socks, and briefs for the men.

Thanks to the Redding Record Searchlight and the Scripps Howard Foundation. Local staff have volunteered many hours in helping the ERC!

Thanks also to the Shasta Community Health Center and the Hope Van for their care of our residents, as well as the care for so many people in our community. These dedicated people inspire us beyond words!

These gifts and donations have helped with building renovations, with specific client needs, and with countless means to continue to achieve the goals of the Empire Recovery Center. We could not do this alone, and thanks to our major contributors, the ERC is making steady improvements in our facilities, in our programs, and for our clients and residents.