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Welcome to ERC's Shasta Lake City Outpatient Services!

A Word from Empire Outpatient

Empire Outpatient continues to grow and change as the recovering community's needs change. We are staffed by CAS Certified Addiction Specialists most of whom are also recovering addicts and alcoholics themselves. We understand the pain and suffering that the disease of addiction, alcoholism and co-dependence can cause because we have experienced it ourselves. It is our goal to help guide those who are struggling with substance abuse issues into living a program of recovery where healing can begin and serenity can be found.


The Empire's Shasta Lake City Outpatient, along with the Downtown Redding Outpatient program, are actively providing both individual and group counseling. MRT is available at both locations, with Tracy Campbell and Rebecca Vaisau as facilitators. Our counselors completed their training and are working with individuals specifically referred for MRT.

This unique counseling opportunity is available in residential and outpatient, providing a continuum of service to those clients needing this particular focus. Both programs are looking at expanding services to adolescents.

The Empire is able to bill private insurance, and with the affordable health care provision of parental insurance covering children up to age 26, outpatient services will be more accessible to families. ERC is developing outreach and increasing opportunity for adolescents and teens in our outpatient settings.

We are also currently looking for volunteers who enjoy working with recovering addicts and alcoholics. It is a great way to give back and be of service.

If interested, please contact us at:

(530) 275-1076