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Computer Tips

Basic Browser Use

We have had more than a few email related misunderstandings about webmail and the restricted, Staff-only areas of the ERC site, so I thought I should put a few PC tips, tricks and How-Tos here from time to time as a help. This is the first of those tips.

On two or three separate occasions now, I have sent links to someone who mistakenly submitted them to search engines rather than where they should be entered: the address, or URL window. Since these links were specific to ERC restricted areas, they came up with a discouraging "Not Found" message from the search engine. Search engines cannot be allowed to index and publish restricted areas to the public.

The image below shows the address window and the search window. When you have a link, it should go into the address window. Questions go in the search window, and a link is not a question, it is the information you need to take you to where you want to go.

If you receive a link in an email, be sure your browser is open, then simply click the link in your email client.... the browser will "sense" this click and will automatically open that link for you, taking you to where you want to go. (Only if you have html enabled in your email app.)

If there is anything at all that you want to have explained, just email me and I'll post the answer here without identifying you.