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Welcome, Volunteers!

Do you have a desire to give back to the program of Recovery some of what you have been given?

If you are not currently an ERC volunteer, please consider donating your time and talents to the cause of recovery. Drop in anytime and talk to us about what types of services you may be able to provide. We are sure that your volunteering to help others in their recovery will be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying things you have ever experienced.

Interested? If so, go ahead and get the simple process started. You can view and print our Volunteer Survey form, or get the form in MS Word format Here. When you have the form filled it out, you can mail it to the first address that you see listed below. Or better yet, drop on by and see us in person-- we'd be glad to meet you!

We welcome any input from volunteers of the ERC. All ideas or suggestions as to content will be appreciated-- just send an email to Bill, the ERC webmaster.