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Hello, there!

My name is Bill, and I'm the ERC's webmaster. But this section is not about me, it is for you, the viewer. Due to the fairly high volume of email questions that I receive, we have added this section to hopefully make it easier for you to find answers to any questions or problems you may have concerning the ERC site.

If your question or problem is not answered in the FAQ below, you will find my email link at the bottom of this page -- don't hesitate to drop me a note. If your email apparatus is messed up somehow, you can always use the email form Here to contact me.

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Why do you have a warning posted about using Internet Explorer?

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ERC Website Shutting Down?

Seems bad news (for some) travels fast. A random pick from a dozen or so emails:

A friend of mine volunteers at the ERC and told me that the website will not be online any more. Is this true? I hope not.


Yes, I'm sorry to say it is true. The site will tentatively go offline on the last day of the month. The TLD "empirerecovery.org" (Top Level Domain) may still be online for recovery purposes, but it will no longer represent nor be affiliated in any way with the Empire Recovery Center in Redding, CA.

This is regrettable, but after intense effort to make the site fully HIPAA compliant, one of our secured links was posted to major search engines which made it public world-wide, and I as webmaster can no longer be responsible for such acts, including other non-compliance email issues that are beyond my control.