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The ERC's Outpatient Services Current Events!

Downtown Redding Outpatient:

We have great staff working towards increasing the accessibility and availability of recovery services in the downtown area. There's Bekki, Jess, Ola, Marci, and Art ready to help design individualized treatment. We have adolescent groups, will be developing parenting groups, and are offering MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy), along with Twelve Step program treatment opportunities.

Thanks to Art, our bilingual counselor, we are able to offer support to our Spanish speaking clients. And we are looking forward to providing counseling and group supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and other challenges. The building itself is accessible for individuals with mobility needs.

And we have counselors with extensive experience in accommodations for persons with special needs. New groups are currently forming. We can bill private insurance, Drug Medi-cal, and many other resources for services. Call 244-7470 for more information.

Shasta Lake City Outpatient:

Program Manager Matt Hurley and Principal Counselor, Tracy Campbell, have been responsible for solid growth and progress in the counseling opportunities in Shasta Lake City. We have also agreed to be a collection site for Ameritox.

New employee, Lindsay Johnson, will be working with that project, as well as providing staff support, and doing group counseling, too. Lola, our dedicated office assistant, comes from Cal Works and helps clients better access community and vocational resources.

Remember, we can bill Drug Medi-Cal for those individuals who are eligible, and we can bill other resources, including private insurance. Call 275-1076.

The ERC Now Working With Red Road to Wellbriety!

The Shasta Regional Community Foundation and the Redding Rancheria have given the Empire Recovery Center a grant to establish the Red Road to Wellbriety program at the ERC. This program closely accompanies 12 Step modalities, but has a special emphasis on the cultural aspects of Native American recovery.

The grant was used to purchase materials, and to increase access to community-based Red Road meetings. The Empire Recovery Center thanks the Redding Rancheria and Shasta Regional Community Foundation for their support and recognition of all our efforts to provide recovery opportunities. The residents and staff regularly are able to attend the Red Road meetings each week, and staff work with residents to go through the materials.

Be sure to watch our website for more information on our growing efforts on behalf of our Native American brothers and sisters, youth and adolescent programs, expanding the use of private insurance and benefits, and continued emphasis on developing a continuum of care.

Got the Blues? Volunteer at the Empire!

This is the time of year that should be heart warming and enjoyable, but for many in Recovery it can be just the opposite. If that describes you, there is one sure cure for the holdiday blues: to get out of yourself and put just a little of your time into helping others.

Many of us have lost friends and family; that is not an uncommon situation for many in Recovery. However, as an ERC volunteer you will be amazed at how quicky you will make new friends, and those friendships will grow because of the common experiences you share with other volunteers and staff at the Empire.

Believe me, this is the best advice that can be given as a cure for the blues. I took that advice myself 15 years ago and have not ever regretted it, not even for a day.

If you are at all interested, and I hope you are, go to our Volunteer page and see how easy it is to be of service to others... and to yourself.

Empire Recovery Center Wish List - 2013 Winter Update:

The ERC needs your help!

We Currently Have a Need for:

  • We have a desperate need for dressers for our residents! These should be 4 or5 drawer dressers about 36 to 48 inches wide. We have glued, nailed, and hammered our old dressers, and we are about ready to delegate several to the dumpster, or to recycling! If you have a dresser, or two, or three, call us at 243-7470, and we will come pick them up!

  • We also need painters. We still have several bedrooms that need painting. We provide the paint, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, masking tape, encouragement, hot coffee, and lots of thanks!

  • We seem to always need plastic glasses, coffee cups, mugs, good, large cooking pots and pans, a supply of wooden spoons, eating utensils (forks, knives, spoons).

  • And we are always grateful for donations of good furniture, recovery-oriented DVDs (rated no higher than PG 13, please), and donations of clothing in all sizes for men and women
  • .

Needed for Resident rooms, in addition to dressers:

  • battery operated alarm clocks
  • Twin sheets
  • Dressers
  • Table lamps

And we also have need for:

  • Flip flops or shower shoes, all sizes
  • Wall clocks for our class and common rooms
  • Conference tables


  • A new air conditioning system for the kitchen and dining area
  • A Hobart commercial dishwasher
  • A new or slightly used low mileage van.

* Remember-- donations are tax deductible! And if you can not donate items, your time, energy and fellowship are priceless gifts.

If you have any questions, please call the ERC at 530-243-7470.

More Alumni Participation is Needed

The ERC is looking to increase alumni attendance and Volunteerism. Our weekly alumni group is held at the ERC on Thursdays at 6pm. Our weekly family group is held on Wednesdays at the ERC at 6:30. We are encouraging family, alumni members, and friends of the ERC to attend family.

We are looking for alumni members to attend alumni meeting and to volunteer for duties at the ERC which include making copies, sitting in on groups, and various other activities.

Big Book NA Book

A Reminder:

We are still holding Family Group on Wednesday Nights at 6:30 PM, and our Alumni Group is on Thursday Nights at 6:00 PM. We encourage your attendance.